About I Need That Shit

I’m guessing you have looked around I Need That Shit a bit before you decided to check out the About page so you have a fair idea of what I am doing here. But just in case…

I Need That Shit is the place to find shit that you need. Need I say “Hence the name”? There is so much awesome stuff in the world while I may not need it all, I do need a lot. Of course, I don’t mean need in an I need water or I need clean air to breathe kind of way. But more of an I need to get the new iPhone or I need to catch up on Mad Men kind of way. Shallow, I know, but fun.

If you want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the t-shirt world you can follow Tee Reviewer by RSS or on Twitter though @ineedthatshit.

I Need That Shit went live October 16, 2013 and little by little I have been adding cool shit that I come across on the internet. The truth is that some of the shit that I add, I don’t really need but just think it’s cool or think that it would make a great or useful gift for someone.

I post cool shit here on I Need That Shit. And by shit, I don’t mean crap. The shit that I post is the dog’s bollocks.

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