Brain Vessel Cargo Playing Cards Master Collection

Brain Vessel Cargo Playing Cards

This is as beautiful a set of playing cards as I have seen. The four boxes together make a stunning quadriptych (art with four panels). You might be tempted to leave all the Brain Vessel Cargo playing cards in the boxes they come in and just display them as art. But the cards themselves are also beautiful and you will want to use them. Even if you are distracted by the fantastic artwork. You can get this set for:

$59.99 at

  • This bundle contains at a discounted price the four decks from Brain Vessel’s Master Collection Playing Cards
  • Custom designs are unique to every suit and card
  • Unique nautical designs feature, sea captains, ships, and sea life.
  • High quality, playing cards. Includes 4 complete decks.
  • All four decks align to create an epic sea battle.

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