Charley’s War Graphic Novels

Charley's War Graphic Novels

When I was a child my brother used to get a comic book called Battle and one of the stories in that always fascinated me. That story was, of course, Charley’s War. At some point, he stopped getting comic books and I often wondered what happened to Charley and his friends. I recently found out that the comic strip has been re-released as a collection of graphic novels and I am very tempted to buy them. They have a recommended retail price of $19.95 but the books range in prices from $8.73 to $19.95 at You can get the first of Charley’s War Graphic Novels for:

$12.96 at

Described by Andrew Harrison as “the greatest British comic strip ever created”, Charley’s War tells the story of an underage British soldier called Charley Bourne. Charley joins the British Army during World War I at the age of 16 (having lied about his age and told the recruiting officers that he was 18; they conveniently overlook the fact that Charley gives his date of birth on his application form as 1900), and is quickly thrust into the Battle of the Somme.

For some reason, one of the characters I remember reading about was reading a dictionary and trying to memorize all the words. It’s strange the things that stick in your mind.

Charley's War Comic Strip


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