Jaws Bottle Opener

Jaws Bottle Opener

It’s been years since I’ve seen Jaws. I wonder if it still has the same impact as it did back then. Even if you haven’t seen the movie this bottle opener is a bit cooler than your typical one. You can get the Jaws Bottle Opener for:

$24.99 at Entertainment Earth

Hello, Brucie! Crack open a drink while singing your favorite sea shanty with the Jaws Bruce Shark Stainless Steel Bottle Opener. Crafted from solid stainless steel and accurately sculpted as Bruce, the shark from the terrifying movie Jaws, this bottle opener measures 6-inches long. It looks just dandy in the fanciest or saltiest of establishments! Ages 18 and up.

I’m not sure why there is an age restriction on this item but I guess these days it is rare to find a soft drink that needs a bottle opener. I remember reading a few years back that you know you are drinking fancy beer when you need a bottle opener. Maybe things have changed since then but I like to try different beers occasionally and I remember nearly cutting my hand open trying to twist off caps that need a bottle opener.

You can check the demonstration video of the Jaws Bottle Opener below.

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