Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung Chromebook 2

The Samsung Chromebook 2 isn’t actually for sale yet but it is up for pre-order at

I have the original Samsung Chromebook with an 11.6 inch screen. Actually I am typing out this post on it. It was an upgrade from a Lenovo netbook that I used to carry with me when I was on the move. (It was an upgrade but at half the price.)

The Chromebook screen is a little larger than the netbook’s 10 inch (or so) screen and it is slimmer with a better battery. The netbook’s screen was a bit more beautiful though and I preferred the keyboard but I like the Chromebook keyboard too.

Of course the netbook was Windows so I could install a variety of apps that can’t be installed on a Chromebook but it didn’t have the power to run something like Photoshop.

The Chromebook starts up in seconds though. When you use a laptop on the move every minute counts. Sometimes I didn’t start-up the netbook because I considered the start-up and shut down times and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

Anyway, I love this Chromebook. I have been using it for about a year and its performance hasn’t deteriorated noticeably, if at all. It’s not perfect but it works well. It does most of what I need it to do which is check email and maintain my websites.

The screen is not great though and sometimes I wish it were a bit bigger which is why I am very interested in the Samsung Chromebook 2. Specifically the full HD 13.3 inch screen version. At $399 though it is almost double what I paid for this one. I wonder if it is twice as good.

I might buy it but I need to wait to see if the performance has improved a lot. This Chromebook struggles when I have lots of tabs open and if I use separate windows it eats the battery. Also there are lots of new Chromebooks being released this year with rumors that some will have over 11 hours battery life compared to the Chromebook 2’s 8. I wonder if any of them will have a full HD screen?

If you can’t wait to get your hands on some of Samsung’s faux-leather goodness you can pre-order the Samsung Chromebook 2 for

$399.99 on

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