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Samsung Gear S2 Selection

I know this watch came out a while ago but it’s really the first smartwatch that has sparked my interest. Why is that you may ask? Well, it is because it supports Nike+ running. I have’t had a smartwatch but I am on my second running watch. The first one was the Nike+ Sports Watch. It wasn’t pretty and it was quite bulky but it was cool and got a lot of complements. My second is the TomTom Runner GPS Watch, which I am currently using. It’s slimmer and lighter than the Nike+ Sports Watch by a long shot but it’s ugly and looks cheap. It does connect to the GPS much faster than my Nike+ watch did though.

You can get the gray Samsung Gear S2 gray from:

$293.99 on

Looking at the watches above, I like the Gear S2 classic. It looks like a standard watch and a nice-looking one at that. I’m not sure the leather strap would be appropriate for running though. And I’m still not ready to buy a watch that I need to charge every day.

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